How to Create Your Own Shopify B2B Business

Setting up your own Shopify b2b business is simple, quick, and everyone can do it! Read and discover how to build one!

Shopify, one of the most popular ecommerce platforms in Canada, USA, and the rest of the world is used by b2b or business-to-business merchants all over the world. It effective ecommerce solution and the broad selection of apps available allow users to perfectly customize their own b2b websites with functionalities that actually help improve customer experience and maximize conversion.

Setting up your own b2b business on Shopify is quite easy, the process is simple, and everyone can do it. Thanks to the Shopify and the great ecommerce features it offers, now you can easily build your own b2b business and start selling to customers from all over the world.

We are going to present you some of the features Shopify offers, features that will help you attract more customers and potential buyers, enhance retention, and boost sales.

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➢Volume Pricing

The b2b buyers expect wholesale prices when they buy a large quantity. Offering these buyers a huge discount will help you attract even more customers and motivate them to order more. In order to set up the volume pricing, go to Admin >> Properties, click on the custom option “quantity” and add a few variants. Even though this gets the job done, keep in mind that the information is not dynamic. The setup can get messy if you have more products and different prices.

Shopify b2b solution

➢ Wholesale Account

Shopify b2b solution allows you to set up a storefront that is password-protected for specific customers who have already negotiated deals with you, so you can allow tiered, dynamic, and custom pricing to encourage and increase order volume. To use this feature, you can add a tag when creating a customer account. Once you do that, set up a price list and add the tag information so the right prices will be presented to the right group of potential buyers when they log into the storefront. For more information on how to sell through a customizable B2B storefront, click on Shopify.com/plus/solutions/b2b-ecommerce

➢ Payment Options

According to one research, more than 50% of the buyers, prefer different payment options and avoid paying with credit or debit card (only 5% of b2b purchases are made with credit or debit cards). By offering a variety of payment methods to your potential buyers through a simplified interface makes it much simpler to do business with you. By doing so, you will increase conversion rate, improve customer retention, reduce shopping cart abandonment, and maximize customer lifetime value. Shopify is automatically set up to access various payment methods such as Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal, bank deposit, money order, and BitCoin. If you want, you can also install applications to offer even more option.

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➢ Customer Support

Having the largest selection of items or having the best prices may not be enough to stand out and beat your rivals. Usually, all b2b buyers look for an impeccable shopping experience during which all of their needs are met and all of their questions are answered in a short period of time. Customer support is a very important component in providing a great customer experience, so make sure to invest in your customer service so you can attract the attention of more potential buyers, improve customer loyalty, and boost customer lifetime value. There are so many great Shopify applications for adding customer support features to your website such as FAQ page, live chat, contact form, and messaging applications (such as WhatsHelp Chat Button).

Consider these features when creating your b2b business and make sure you have everything well planned out! Good luck!


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