Shopify Plus: The Best B2B Wholesale Platform to Sell On?

Shopify Plus: The Best B2B Wholesale Platform to Sell On?

B2B ecommerce is defined as the marketing, selling, and handling of products from one enterprise to another through an online or digital portal.

B2B ecommerce is getting all attention by many online retailers and expected to hit $7.6 trillion by worldwide. Shopify Plus is one dedicated B2B wholesale platform that hosts merchants and biggest brands all over the year and the number is still growing. With Shopify seamless experience, merchants can sell high volumes in a simplest way.

Here are some reasons why you should choose Shopify Plus as your B2B ecommerce solution:

Give B2B Ecommerce the B2C Treatment

The preference of buyer has changed. They want it all online with B2C features instead of traditional ways. Owing to this, overall B2B marketplace has shifted. Thankfully, Shopify plus meet this challenge and offer features like:

  • High-quality images and videos of product
  • Robust onsite search and customize navigation
  • Display Reviews and ratings as social proof
  • Give Flexible shipping options
  • Based on past purchases, faster checkout with Shopify Pay
  • Real-time insights about inventory

Onsite Search Functionality

Site search is an essential functionality of website. This is because it helps customers to find and buy the expected product that they are seeking. Also, buyers who use site search are twice more likely to convert on your site and help generate site’s revenue.

Customer Ratings and Reviews

B2B customers want a user-generated content while shopping, similar to B2C. Buyers look for peer reviews more than testimonials. So, if you have a happy customer, show it. Since this is going to affect your sales reputation. Shopify Plus considers their clients as their family and helps their business to grow each year along with multiple savings annually. They boost, cultivate and scale helpful reviews and ratings via their own website.

Makes Wholesale Selling Easy

With Shopify Plus’ wholesale B2B platform, wholesale becomes much easy. People of no knowledge of technical skills or coding can perform selling due to their automatically generated storefront. They allow listing of products at single click and you can set custom pricing as well. They also allow expanding your business without any headaches and worrying for maintenance. Working with Shopify Plus will save you a lot of time and effort.


There is a myth around wholesale ecommerce that they are hard to get sales and run. However, Shopify Plus is a kind of B2B wholesale platform that gives its clients the optimal portal to streamline their ordering process and it’s an easy to manage wholesale platform.


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