Selecting B2B E-commerce Solution: A Guide

Selecting B2B E-commerce Solution: A Guide

There was a time when E-commerce solution was limited to Business-to-consumer companies. However, now, Business-to-business companies have also realized the importance of using B2B platforms.

What is b2b platform, you may wonder? A B2B platform is one which links businesses to other businesses, with one being a seller and one a buyer. As you know, many companies deliver services to other companies. For instance, the packaging is delivered to a beverage company. Here, a B2b platform can be used to connect them. There are quite a few B2b platform examples in the market. Shopify B2b and Alibaba are two of the top B2b platforms.

If you are thinking of starting an E-commerce site and are made to choose a b2b wholesale platform, here is how you should go about it. To do so, you must conduct a B2B ecommerce platform comparison.

Options available

Research about the different platforms available to you and compare them with one another. Make sure to include the following platforms:

  • Shopify b2b
  • Alibaba
  • Global Spec
  • Kinnek
  • eWorldTrade
  • IBM
  • Magneto

Assessment criteria

Assess each of them on the following criteria:

    • Functionality- The responsiveness of the design across different devices, Self-service options, and payment options that are flexible to include large orders.
    • Whether or not the given system integrates well with other apps and systems that you use. This is important since different processes need to be linked for a smooth operation.
    • The cost of each platform. Which one is within your budget? Are the services delivered satisfactory as per the money charged?

  • Security. Regardless of whether your customers are other businesses or direct consumers, the security of their information matters. Hence, you must gauge each option on the basis of PCI security provided.
  • What type of platform it is. Available options include Hosted source vs a cloud-based solution. The former needs to be installed on site and requires you to maintain it. The latter can be accessed across platforms and is maintained by the provider. It is obvious which should be preferred.


Once you have chosen a B2B e-commerce platform, the journey has just begun. However, know that you are done with a major part of it. Now, what you need to do is create your own E-commerce site. Make sure you do so keeping in mind the need of your customers. Only you know your customers best and hence only you will be able to decide what features to opt for.


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