Key Features of a B2B e-Commerce Platform

Key Features of a B2B e-Commerce Platform

Almost all b2b ecommerce platforms provide somewhat similar features to user. However it is important to assess advantages of each platform prior choosing one. Following are some features that your online venture should consider now to reap its benefits later on.

Easy Management System

B2b ecommerce platform should be easy to use and easy to manage. If your business offers a wide range of products then it is a must-have feature.  It enhances usability by merchants and the overall efficiency.


The chosen b2b platform must be able to collect all data on daily basis and analyze it thoroughly to generate a forecast. Based on this prediction, you can identify the demand level of any item for certain period of time so that you will be ready to arrange all other operations.


Make sure the platform has onsite search feature. This feature will help customers to show the availability of any product among hundreds of listings.

Installation and integration

The very first thing you face while using a b2b ecommerce platform is installation and integration.  Many businesses deny the importance of this feature. You can pick any platform that can be installed locally or via cloud. Yet, SaaS system – a cloud based technology is easier to install and use. It also offers reduced costs, and fewer risks. Also, consult your IT team about what tools you need.


Maintaining a wholesale b2b platform is not a job that anyone can do.  Either you need to train your IT team to maintain the system or choose a b2b platform that does it all for you.  Particularly choosing a b2b platform that includes a SaaS solution can free all your worries regarding maintenance issues.

Pricing model

Understand what you’re paying for services offered and the pricing model. Pricing of most platforms depend on various factors like number of customers, orders, integrations and more.

Account for clients

Convenience matters a lot today. More wish to adopt new b2b ecommerce platform that offers users convenience in much better way than ordering on phone. The process to create a new account for user should be easy and straightforward.

Customized design

Your online b2b store should give unique feeling to others. In order to achieve this, you should go for b2b platform that offers endless possibilities to customize the user interface.


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