Million Dollar Club

Million Dollar Club

Weekly Shout-outs: Top Blog Posts I Read this Week

It’s Friday, it’s Friday, it’s the end of the week, it’s the WEEKEND!! Happy Friday everyone!!!!! Today is a day off from the job-o so I’m relaxing, enjoying the beginning of a 3 day weekend- woo-hoo!!!

Throughout the week I ventured to the sites of fellow bloggers and found some awesome material! With all the great information out there, I found 4 posts that really stuck out for me and I wanted to give those 4 bloggers a quick shout-out to show my thumbs up for a job well done :) .

  • Libby at Go Be Rich wrote a great article entitled “Keeping Up With My Classmates”. She describes a handful of her highschool classmates and how successful they were, and still are. For me, it’s difficult NOT to compare my skills and accomplishments to my peers. When I think I’m doing good, but see a peer doing slightly better, I push myself to raise the bar. Call it having a competitve nature, I don’t know. As I get older (or should I say, wiser!?), I’m getting a little better at not comparing my accomplishments with others. It ain’t always easy, though!!!
  • I was able to relate with Grayson at Debt Round Up who wrote “My Personal Debt Beginning” because his story is very similar to mine when it came to credit card debt! Grayson shares how he dug himself out of credit card debt by making a plan that worked for him! He advises something super simple and that’s to stop spending more than you earn (such a simple concept many just don’t get….makes you want to say “duh!”). I didn’t understand that concept myself until later on in my late 20′s (when I should’ve known better..grrr….). This was the first time I’ve read anything from Grayson and I plan to read much more!!
  • Budgets Are Sexy had a guest post from Brad entitled “Does Your Credit Score Matter If You Dont Do Debt?”. I loved this topic because it sparked some serious debate on whether a credit score is even needed! Brad did a great job giving us options on living without a credit score. I thnk he has the right idea on living with cash only where a score isn’t part of the equation. I’m not in the financial position yet to completely do away with the score…but I’m getting there!!!!!
  • Last but not least, Lance at Money Life and More wrote “Interview with Myself: Retirement Is Possible”. I liked the fact that he put a positive spin to his outlook on his retirement plan. The media loves to take a negative spin to things and tells us the average American is not even close to being prepared to retire. Lance says he’s not part of the average club and will be ready to retire when it comes time. His saving technique is awesome… I suggest you check him out!

Thatttt’s All Folks! A huge shout out to my top 4 picks for doing a “bomb-dot-com” job on great posts. I’m always looking for great articles so if you see something you find beneficial, share the wealth and let me know!

Happy Friday!



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