Million Dollar Club

Million Dollar Club

How the tax and retirement interconnect

Guest Post by Kelly Marsh

Before you retire from your full-time job, you have several incomplete dreams to venture including going for a world tour or enjoying any luxury travel at some of the best holiday destinations or putting your retirement savings into some other hobbies. However, if you have not planned for your retirement [...]

You Left the Job Don’t Leave your Money!! 401K Nest Egg Rollover

So you leave your job and don’t know what to do about the money you contributed to a 401K. Do you leave it behind? Do you cash out and RUN? Or do you roll it over into an IRA? Ok, say if you make the RIGHT decision and decide to roll the funds over [...]

Roth IRA Deadline Approaching….Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock!!

I’m sure you all are aware that the tax deadline to file this year is April 16th. Fortunately this blog IS NOT about filing your taxes but on making a contribution to an individual retirement account, Roth IRA,  before the tax deadline to count for 2011 (APRIL 16th!). What exactly am I talking about?? Ok, [...]

Working in your 80′s- the new NORM?? Where’s the Roth IRA and 401K???

I read an article about people working past the age of 65. The premise was people are pushing back retirement, not because they want to remain in the workforce, but out of pure necessity. As I read the article, I was searching for advice in the text on how to save for retirement, but [...]