Million Dollar Club

Million Dollar Club

Christmas Spending and My Budget

Tis the season to be jolly and to spend LOTS of money! This is the time of the year where it’s easy to put that budget on the back burner because hey, it’s the holidays! After all, budgets and careful spending can wait until the New Year, right? According to the gallup polls, this year [...]

My December Budget

Wow! Where is the time going?? Another month gone…only 1 more left for the year 2012! Tomorrow is the 1st of the month so that means it’s time to put together the monthly budget. There are a few changes I had to make to include Christmas expenses. This month I’m going to start saving a [...]

Doing What’s in MY Best Interest; Money Management Etc.

Have you ever felt as though you weren’t on the right path or things in life were a little “off”? For the past 3-4 weeks I would say I’ve been in a weird place and things in life just don’t seem to settle as I’m use to. I always know when I’m in alignment with [...]

What it Means to Live Below Your Means!


I can almost guarantee most of you who are reading this have heard the phrase “live below your means”. A simple concept that is not so simple after all. Not so simple because we live in a country where it’s normal to work, get a paycheck, pay bills, spend, and then wait [...]

Best Money Management Challenge! Have a GAME PLAN

     ONE MONTH CHALLENGE!!!!!!         

While I think it is awesome to give tips and ideas about managing money, I think it’s equally awesome to put action to words. It’s sorta like walking the walk and not just talking the talk! Time to have a game plan! With the month of June quickly approaching (we’re almost half way [...]

My Vegas Money Splurge: The Mayweather and Cotto Fight- Part 2

The countdown officially begins! 1 week from today I will be on a plane to Vegas for the Floyd Mayweather and Miguel Cotto fight! How excited am I?? I can’t even begin to tell you- LOL! Of course, as you know, this is the money “splurge” of my LIFE and I’m paying all cash! No borrowing here [...]

April is Financial Literacy Month (Do you know your MONEY???)

April is the month some financial big whigs decided to make the official month for Financial Literacy. So what does “financial literacy” mean anyway, and more important, why should we care?? Well, in my opinion (if you really want it), now more than ever before our debt stricken society NEEDS valuable information and resources to [...]

Do You KNOW Your Cash Flow??

This is probably one of the most important financial questions you should know the answer to. If you DON’T know, chances are your net worth (or how much you own minus how much you owe- to be discussed in another blog) is probably quite low. I don’t know how many times someone is asked ‘what are [...]

The 10 Step Plan to Get Out of DEBT!!!

Hello again! I write this blog with the intent to help someone (anyone??) who may be struggling with getting out of debt. Unfortunately, there is no magic pill or easy fix to get out of debt (unless, of course you won the Mega Millions!). But for the rest of us, it takes time, patience, and [...]