Million Dollar Club

Million Dollar Club

Starbucks Gift Card Made of Steel: Limited Collection

Word on the street (and in the news) is Starbucks is rolling out a bonafide steel gift card for a whopping $450 (Check out the article from USA Today HERE)! There’s $400 on the card and the other $50 comes from making this card of steel. If you have the urge to get this once in a lifetime gift card, you better hurry up because Starbucks is only making 5,000 worldwide! To top it off, you can’t even buy the card on the Starbucks website. No, no, no…there’s a special website that the company deemed appropriate enough to sell these special cards (

I’ll be the first one to admit; when I FIRST heard about the special card, I really wanted it! I’m a HUGE Starbucks fan and initially thought this would give me some sort of exclusivity with great benefits and special treats. After reading more about the card and its benefits, I realized it’s more for show and less for the benefits. The perks that they offer are also offered through their basic membership (which is free!).

The thrill quickly wore off. I totally get the need to have something most others don’t (hey, everyone has their thing!). It feeds the ego on so many levels. But when it comes to coffee, I’m just trying to get a good deal. I wouldn’t think anyone in a Starbucks line would care about my form of payment. They’re probably not even fully awake which is why they’re at Starbucks!!

This card sounds pretty exciting and Starbucks is doing a decent job at keeping it to the exclusive few. As much as I like Starbucks, I don’t see myself investing $450 in it. When you think about it, $400 worth of coffee is a lot of money (and a lot of coffee!!). There’s certainly better ways for me to spend my money, like putting it towards my tuition!!

So what do you think about the limited edition of the Starbucks gift card? Would you buy it or do you know someone who would?

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