Million Dollar Club

Million Dollar Club

Keeping Up With Car Maintenance; Field Trip to Goodyear


Saturday I spent 2 hours of my day waiting on my car to get its checkup which included an oil change and tire rotation. I went in early (7:30 a.m.!!!!!) and as I was sitting in the lobby I began to mentally add up whatever car expense I could think of for just this year. New set of tires, maintenance on my transmission (you know that cost me a pretty penny!), registration, regular oil changes, even car washes-the list really goes on….

I don’t have an exact amount on what I invested in my car and I’m sure if I did, I might be tempted to weep! On the bright side, I just hit the 100k mark and my small fortune has kept my car in great shape! I’ve become slightly obsessed with bringing my car in for the slightest problem because being stranded on the road dealing with a preventative car repair issue really doesn’t appease to me! Like, I can’t imagine how people feel when they run out of gas on the highway. I would kick myself for not taking care of something as simple as keeping gas in the tank!

Thank goodness my total only came to $40 for the rotation and high mileage oil change. I had a $10 off coupon which made me happy (hey, it’s the small things in life!) J. As you know, car maintenance folks love to give you the additional problems they “found” while doing the simple oil change job and urge you to fix immediately. Surprisingly everything was found in satisfactory condition…no dire emergencies that needed to be fixed this trip. I was, however, reminded of my upcoming 105K preventative maintenance checkup which would include more than just the basic oil change and tire rotation. I guess keeping up with these little expenses helps me steer clear from the big expenses. For that, I am very grateful!




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