Million Dollar Club

Million Dollar Club

I Want it and I Want it NOW!!

Ever feel like this when it comes to buying something that you probably shouldn’t but you WANT it?? Come on, you know you have! I can’t be the only one who has the “I want it now” tantrum! When I think on this topic I always think about Veruca Salt on Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Her infamous line of “I want an oompa lumpa NOW!!” illustrates beautifully the inner child tantrum I sometimes (shamefully) have.

My biggest “oompa lumpa” moments are when I come across a nice pair of shoes! Yes, I am a shoe girl- especially if I find ones that are unique with the perfect heel and with the perfect color. And please don’t let them be on sale. Yikes! The pressure is on…do I give in to my inner child or do I stick to the budget thing?? For the most part (around 95% of the time) I’m an adult about it and I put the glass slippers (modern day Cinderella) back on the shelf. The other 5% I indulge and run to the cash register with the beauties. Hey you only live once, right???

Ok, so your thing may not be shoes. What about that handbag, the new shiny tools, or the new IPAD??? Have I struck a nerve yet? What about that new “upgraded” phone that you had to have because, well, it was time for you to upgrade and they JUST came out with the BEST phone EVER!!! Yesterday I was walking in the mall killing time (not a good place to kill time by the way) and saw a pair of high tops that I’ve been eyeing. I’ve been able to avoid them for awhile but yesterday my inner child screamed “I want it NOW!!!” I was hoping they wouldn’t have my size, but of course they did. At that point I felt it was destiny and proceeded with my purchase.

Now please don’t get me wrong. I bought the shoes on an impulse, but I DID NOT buy them on credit!! I don’t believe in borrowing money to buy things short-term “wants” that you REALLY can’t afford (hence my title, Lend Not Borrow). I came home and adjusted a few things in my budget, meaning I decreased my eating out fund and clothing fund to accommodate the new shoes I sported at the Atlanta Hawks game last night (go HAWKS!!).

So my point is, sometimes things happen and you give in to the oompa-lumpa child tantrum inside (don’t make it a regular occurrence!!!). My advice is to NEVER borrow money to buy things you can’t afford. Try to make room in your budget where you can accommodate the small impulse buy. DON’T compromise the important items like food, gas, household utilities etc. (come on, use some common sense!). Adjust the other non-essential things like entertainment, clothing, blow money categories. Don’t beat yourself up, you’re human!

So….tell me about your “I want it now” moments. What did you buy and how did you work it in your budget (the smart way!) I WANT it NOW!!! Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

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