Million Dollar Club

Million Dollar Club

Keeping Up With Car Maintenance; Field Trip to Goodyear


Saturday I spent 2 hours of my day waiting on my car to get its checkup which included an oil change and tire rotation. I went in early (7:30 a.m.!!!!!) and as I was sitting in the lobby I began to mentally add up whatever car expense I could think of for just [...]

My “Bad” Spending Habits


The other day I was talking with a coworker about his Black Friday shopping. He told me he stood in line early in the morning for a pair of new Jordans (sneakers!). I joked around with him about his must haves in life, including standing in line, in the cold, early in the [...]

Overspending Money; How it’s Justfied!


If you’re anything like me, you can relate to the power of justifying overspending money. How many ways can you rationalize in your mind why it’s ok to overspend even when your wallet and bank account says otherwise? In my quest to get out of debt and build wealth, I’ve had to face [...]

Protecting Seniors From Fraud: Helping Them Help Themselves

Guest Post by: Willie Bryant


They are out there waiting, stalking and hunting. They look for the vulnerable and the kind. Although these predators can prey on anyone, seniors are their primary target. Identity thieves look for those that are not tech savvy. They search constantly for ways to steal identities, ruin [...]

Deposit Dilemma: I’m now $136 richer!

The end of August I moved out of my dream apartment to move closer to my new job and spend less money. My original move out date was August 25th (a Saturday), but about a week and a half prior to this date the leasing office asked for a favor. Apparently the new tenet wanted [...]

Students Finding a Lifeline in the Loan Forgiveness Programs

Guest Post by: Stephen Rhett

Student loans are now becoming more of a problem than a help for those who are going for higher education. Loans have never been a breeze for the borrowers and now, with the economy taking deep plunges, it is becoming more of a burden.

For the students these spell more [...]

Goal: Pay Off Car…DONE!

Yes, yes, yes! Finally paid off the car…1.5 years EARLY! It’s all MINE!!!! I’m slowly making my way through the baby steps of paying off debt and building wealth. Believe me, it’s NOT always easy staying on track, but it’s worth it, especially for days like this when you reach a goal you’ve been [...]

Spread Betting; Investing and Speculating

This week I feel as though I’m diving into the investing world full force! Recently I came across the term “spread betting” and because I want to know it all, I had to dig deep! What is spread betting and how does it work!? First, I have to say this is not just investing, but [...]

What it Means to Live Below Your Means!


I can almost guarantee most of you who are reading this have heard the phrase “live below your means”. A simple concept that is not so simple after all. Not so simple because we live in a country where it’s normal to work, get a paycheck, pay bills, spend, and then wait eagerly [...]