Million Dollar Club

Million Dollar Club

You Can’t Spend What you Don’t See! Save Money Fast!


My New Shoe Fund

I have a shoe fund jar that was given to me as a gift about 3 years ago. At first I just used it for coins that were left in my pockets at the end of the day. My attempt was to save enough coins to feed into my [...]

Saving Money when You Really “Don’t Have” It


The letters s-a-v-e can cause headache and stress for some, especially when there isn’t room in the budget to accommodate it. Save for a rainy day, for retirement, for college, for the new car, the new house, the list goes on! You know the 4 letter word so well, yet there is some [...]

5 Quick ‘n Easy Tips on Saving Money when You Fly (No More Baggage Fees!!)


Tomorrow is officially the 1st day of summer and among many exciting things to do, taking a vacation is usually at the top of the list (or is that just me??). I was reading the newspaper this morning (yes, the actual paper…they still have those) and came across an article saying airlines are [...]

A Day of SHOPPING with Coupons…Money Saving Tips!!

Who doesn’t love using coupons and saving money??? As you may know, extreme couponing is the new phenomenon and in this economy how can you deny the concept of saving a dollar here and a dollar there?? Every Sunday I try my best to grab a newspaper to take advantage of the deals and [...]

Understanding Money Market Deposit Accounts (MMDA)

A money market (formally known as money market deposit account- MMDA) is a savings account that generally pays a slightly higher interest rate than a normal savings account. Most times a MMDA will require a minimum balance (usually around $1,000), and holds more restrictions on withdrawals than a normal savings. The good news is the [...]

The Basics on CDs (Certificate of Deposit)

A CD (the formal name is certificate of deposit) is no more than a savings account that requires a minimum balance and carries a term that states you have to keep that money with the bank for a certain amount of time. Each bank has a different minimum deposit requirement and the terms generally [...]

Savings Account 101 and the Emergency Fund


I believe that when it comes to learning it is important to understand the “why?” and the “how?” It’s easy to tell someone “why” they should do something, but it’s something different to help them understand “how” to get from where they are now to where they want to be. Below is just an [...]