Million Dollar Club

Million Dollar Club

5 Steps To Student Loan Consolidation

Guest Author Jon Haver

Does it feel like everyday you’re falling deeper and deeper into the bottomless pit of student debt!? Are you not sure if these student loans are going to pay off? You’re not the only one who feels this way. Thousands and thousands of students are just like you. They borrowed [...]

Are Student Loans REALLY a Good Investment??

Anything related to student loans I have my eyes and ears open for. I’m currently in the process of paying off some stupid tax (Dave Ramsey’s phrase) for loans I took out in my undergrad and graduate studies. Today I read an article entitled “Student-loan debt is a good investment; Commentary: A college education still [...]

Paying my Student Loan and using the Baby Steps

I just finished my October budget for the month. I’m 3 days late on it (should be done BEFORE the 1st of the month), but hey better late than never! This is the first month without my car note (paid off…YEA!), so I now have a little extra ($331) on a per month basis to [...]

Goal: Pay Off Car…DONE!

Yes, yes, yes! Finally paid off the car…1.5 years EARLY! It’s all MINE!!!! I’m slowly making my way through the baby steps of paying off debt and building wealth. Believe me, it’s NOT always easy staying on track, but it’s worth it, especially for days like this when you reach a goal you’ve [...]

Preparing for Debt Payoff: What Numbers You Should Know



Guest Post by Aaron B

When someone is thinking about paying off their debts, there needs to be a specific plan laid out to do so. It is not as complicated as some companies or people can make it seem. It does, however, require careful planning and information gathering.

For instance, Jimmy has [...]

The 411 on a Payday Loan


It is almost impossible to turn on the television and not see a commercial advertising the convenience of a short-term loan. The large bold print spells “easy” and “a quick fix solution to the unexpected bills” while the fine print tells a different story. Watching the advertisement you have to admit how simple [...]

How to Invest Money While Paying Down Debt


Guest Post by Mickey Colon

Being in debt is no fun at all. If you considered it and looked back on those trips you took in college, those late night cramming sessions and next day benders, those concerts, those meals, those experiences – you might not want to take any of them back. [...]

First Time Home Buyer: Buying a Home vs The Budget




As you may know (or not…), with the recent economic downturn and the drop in home value (and home sales), this has quickly turned into a buyer’s market. Depending on the market, sellers are given no other choice but to price probably their greatest asset at a deep discount from the original [...]

What a Difference your Car Down Payment Makes!



Upside down auto loans seem to be a rising issue in today’s society. People are rushing out to buy the latest and greatest big toy on four wheels without factoring in their income versus the sticker price. Both new and used car dealerships across the country are recognizing profits as people ignore the [...]

The Cost to Learn- Student Loan DEBT!!!!!

Another month,  another check I write out in the amount of $405 payable to Salle Mae for student loans accrued for undergrad and grad studies.  Sallie Mae and I are scheduled to be in each other’s lives for the next several years as I pay off my decision to use debt as a way to [...]